namaste to all yoga seekars, we (yoga vidya school((yoga in rishikesh) are glad to announced our yoga courses , 15 days ashtanga vinyasa practice

This courses is design for both beginner and intermediate, those who have completed there 200 hrs yoga ttc or thinking to join the course , this is best option for every yogies to introduce them self to there ashtanga vinyasa practice , many people don’t have any choice after completing their 200 hrs ttc course , because they don’t want to move again the same course , so now not to worry, because yoga vidya school( yoga in rishikesh) is bringing new practice courses, where yogies can take their practice in to the next level, in this 15 days ashtanga vinyasa primary or intermediate series students can see their growth faster, we sow many people who have finished there tic courses and c9ome to rishikesh for new growth in there practice, but for them there is no course from many yoga school through which they can grow in there style which they choose (ashtanga, hatha , vinyasa flow etc) because every yoga school is more focusing in teacher training courses. So then they have to join drop inj classes which are not regular sometime or teacher are not regular , or classes are not in a sequence . after looking this confusion our school has design 15 days short courses which curriculum is given blow


  • Ashtanga vinyasa introduction theory and practice
  • Introduction of history of ashtanga vinyasa
  • Traditional ashtanaga vinyasa series practice
  • Introduction of ashtanga vinyasa four series
  • Prepatory practice of series
  • Introducing there major vinyasa in primary series
  • Introduction of dristi and locks and there benefit in vinyasa practice
  • Full primary series every second day
  • Modification of asana according to individual body
  • Right adjustment with proper explanation
  • Practice of mysoor style
  • Technique of vinyasa jump
  • Hand stand practice to improve flow of vinyasa jump
  • Preparation of every advance asana in the series
  • Use of tools in asana to make the posture easy or advanced
  • Sanskrit name pronunciation of asana with their meaning
  • Core strengthening series in primary series
  • Inversion series and its benefit
  • Yoga therapy
  • Technique of improving standing jump
  • Technique of improving sitting jump
  • Technique of improving supine jump
  • Beckword bending workshop
  • Partner help(technique to support
  • Time of the practice
  • Reason of full moon in ashtanga vinyasas
  • Best time of practicing ashtanga vinyasa
  • Benefit of ujjai pranayam in vinyasa
  • Treesthanam in ashantanga vinyasa
  • Intence pranayama technique with practice
  • Role of pranayama in ashtanaga vinyasa
Daily day schedule but can be change Three classes per day




ashtanga vinyasa asana alignment practice with modification and variation and pranayam


theory of practice/therepy/practice to support people/etc


ashtanga vinyasa primary series(every second day full series)