Welcome to Yoga in Rishikesh.
We are glad to introduce our newly created course, Hatha yoga with therapy. As we all know, some of the primary purposes of yoga is to lead one on a spiritual path and enable them live a healthy life but one cannot be attained without the other. In order to help our students find this balance, we, at Yoga in Rishikesh, have newly created this course for all yogis around the world - those who have completed their 200 hour YTTC or 500 hour YTTCs or those who are taking their first steps into the world of yoga.

This course is best suited to educate students about Hatha yoga as a therapy. This program is also designed for those who perhaps don’t have enough time to do indulge into a full-fledged TTC yet want to get the same basic and advanced information about Hatha yoga (root of asana) probably within a short duration of time. Additionally, this course is also for practitioners who have finished their TTC but wish to improve their practice and understanding and want to continue their practice.


Welcome to Yoga in Rishikesh.
As mentioned already, our Hatha Yoga Therapy course is designed for all level of students. This Hatha therapy course will give you the foundation in your practice on which you can build your own concrete of knowledge and can improve your understanding about Hatha yoga and the role of Hatha yoga in therapy. During this course, our teacher will be providing individual attention to every student to ensure that they get only the most accurate and concise understanding.
After getting evolved in TTC and practicing so many new things all at once within a month or two, it is normal for our mind to be confused about the proper direction to follow and so this course will provide you the practice through which you can understand about the basic concept of Hatha Yoga.


During the course, you will learn:

  • Basic concept of Hatha yoga
  • Hatha yoga in text (Hatha Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Hatha Ratnavali, yoga Patanjali, Gorakh Samhita)
  • Hatha yoga sequence
  • Sivananda yoga sequence and there practice
  • Asana ,pranayama,mudras,Banda in Hatha yoga
  • Shatkriyas (cleansings in Hatha)
  • Detoxification
  • How to create the Hatha sequence for batter practice
  • Technique of pranayama and its role in spiritual practice
  • Modification of asana in series
  • How to build the preparation for intense asana
  • Right way to prepare the body for intense asana
  • Practice of locks and why it is important
  • 32 asana in Hatha Pradipika and its practice withy benefit


Hatha, the most ancient form of yoga and the base for every other yoga form, has been practiced widely and dedicatedly in every part of the world by yoga masters and amateurs alike. While most people relate to yoga as practice of asanas and perfecting the postures, the study of Hatha yoga depicts that yoga is as practical as it is informational.

During our 15 Day Intensive Hatha Yoga Practice Course, you will get a chance to not only learn and strengthen your basics of yoga but also study Hatha yoga in written and verbal forms. The classes will focus on Hatha yoga sequence, Asana, Pranayama, mudras, Banda in Hatha yoga, cleansing procedures such as Shatkriya, detoxification, technique of Pranayama and its role in spiritual practice, and much more.

Whether you aim at discovering the true potential of Hatha Yoga or just wish to set your foundation, this course can do all of that for you in only 15 days.