Take your first steps into the world of yoga by joining us in one or more of our short-term yoga courses.

We, at Yogainrishikesh, offer intensive yoga courses for those who are getting ready to dive into the evolutionary and devoting science of yoga and if you are one amongst the lucky, your search for the perfect foundation ends at us – we guarantee!


We understand that jumping right into a month long extensive yoga program may give you a little apprehensions about whether you will be able to adjust to a whole new way of life. Through our short-term intensive courses, you will get a chance to not only test whether you are up for the big picture or not but you will also gain considerable knowledge to help you move swiftly and smoothly through your teacher training, if you choose to opt for one.


Hatha, the most ancient form of yoga and the base for every other yoga form, has been practiced widely and dedicatedly in every part of the world by yoga masters and amateurs alike. While most people relate to yoga as practice of asanas and perfecting the postures, the study of Hatha yoga depicts that yoga is as practical as it is informational.

During our 15 Day Intensive Hatha Yoga Practice Course, you will get a chance to not only learn and strengthen your basics of yoga but also study Hatha yoga in written and verbal forms. The classes will focus on Hatha yoga sequence, Asana, Pranayama, mudras, Banda in Hatha yoga, cleansing procedures such as Shatkriya, detoxification, technique of Pranayama and its role in spiritual practice, and much more. Whether you aim at discovering the true potential of Hatha Yoga or just wish to set your foundation, this course can do all of that for you in only 15 days.