Immerse yourself in the true practice of yoga and related courses with our short and long term workshops specifically designed to suit your style and necessities.

Don’t have a lot of time to invest? No problem. Confused between what’s in the books and what you practice? No worries. Our workshops are short and simple yet intense and informative. Come, practice with us and we assure you a wonderful time and a life-changing experience.


We love expanding our horizons and hence, we will keep coming up with new workshop ideas. Keep checking the space for more of our innovative workshops.


You have completed the 200 hour teacher training and now, you are ready to take a class. But you do not know where to begin or how to facilitate an energetic yoga training session for the students lined up infront of you. You are well aware of the postures but do not have the required skills or the confidence to assess whether those are being performed right. If these are your concerns then this course shall provide you with the solution.

The beginner level Adjustment and Alignment workshop is a 100 hour training program aimed at helping all those yoga mentors who wish to gain professional insight in teaching a batch of yoga students before conducting a class of their own.


This program is for those yoga practitioners who aspire to pursue their love for delivering the knowledge and practice of yoga to a batch of students at an advanced level. If you have completed the 100 hour Adjustment and Alignment training program along with the 200 Hour yoga teacher training certification, and want to progress further on the path to becoming a professional yoga teacher then this is the program for you.

The advanced level Adjustment and Alignment program is designed to help such dedicated yogis further acquire the necessary skills and qualities to become a successful yoga teacher. From strengthening your knowledge on how to facilitate a yoga class to expanding your wisdom on the various mistakes made during asanas, this program would equip you with all the traits required to become a true yoga guru.


This workshop helps its students focus on the practice of pranayama(breath) and helps them achieve a level in which they are able to control and correct their breathing technique. The course delivers both theoretical and practical modules in intensive breathing therapy as well as the various cleansing practices involved in breathing. Additionally, the students become aware of the anatomy of breath along with its physiology.

The course is beneficial for all those who wish to attain perfection in their pranayamas and also aspire to spread their knowledge of various breathing techniques and practice to others. By the end of the course, you shall find yourself in a place where your body and mind becomes more compatible with some of the most vital elements of yoga.