Kundalini Yoga

Instructor: Yogamaya9

Pre-requisites for this course

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga Brick
  • Essential oil like lavender or rose.

How long is this course for?

This course consists of 3 sessions and each session is for an hour and a half.

3 Day Kundalini Yoga Workshop

This workshop focuses on cleansing the seven chakras in your body (Mooladhara, Svadishatana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Ajnyeya, Sahasrara) as well as healing each one of them. This workshop is for anyone who is looking to improve overall happiness and realize their true potential in life. Anybody regardless of their age or background in yoga can join this workshop but ideally you should be on a good spiritual path already and have interest to proceed on the spiritual path.

Benefits of this course:
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved peace of mind
  • Increased psychic abilities
  • Increased awareness of your existence in this world
  • If you are very high on the spiritual path, spiritual awakening can happen.
What will you learn?
  • How to open the seven chakras of kundalini with the help of various mystical traditional Himalayan Yogi methods.
  • Mantras and mudras (hand gestures) for cleansing and healing the seven chakras
  • Offerings to the different Vedic deities for chakra balancing and inner healing
  • Chakra Dhyana Kundalini Yoga and Meditation focused on the seven chakras of Kundalini.


Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva Homam/ Trinity Havan – Vedic Fire ritual for your name can be done where a Himalayan yogi will offer prayers to the Lord of Creation (Brahma), Lord of Sustenance (Vishnu) and Lord of Death and Dissolution (Shiva) and will pray for the Lord’s blessings upon you. By doing this homam/havan, you will get immense spiritual as well as material benefits and within 45 days you can see very good changes in your life.

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