Tantra, Crystal Healing and Pranic Healing

Instructor: Yogamaya9

Pre-requisites for this course

  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga Brick
  • Essential oil like lavender or rose.

How long is this course for?

This course consists of 3 sessions and each session is for an hour and a half.

3 Day Tantra, Crystal Healing and Pranic Healing Workshop

This workshop focuses on using ancient vedic techniques and healing rituals to help you come out of your problems and to realize yourself. This workshop is for those who are interested in mysticism and the occult. Pranic healing involves healing your body and mind and ultimately healing your prana (the vital life force). Since Tantra involves deeper mystical concepts, it is important that the yogic practitioner has a sattvik (pure) mindset and has the ability to do penance (tapas). Then the pranic healing will be effective. Crystal healing is also done based on your spiritual level after doing an aura check. Special props are used and a long distance healing is done by the Himalayan Yogi, Guru Yogamaya9.

Benefits of this course:
  • A well balanced state of mind
  • Occult knowledge and mystical experiences
  • Increased psychic abilities
  • Inner healing and happiness
What will you learn?
  • How to cleanse and heal your energy points in your body, mind and soul.
  • Special chants to heal yourself
  • Offerings to the different Vedic deities for pranic healing
  • Insight into special occult practices and remedies for a successful life.
  • Understanding the dark forces and how to stay protected.


Shiva Shakti Homam/Shiva Shakti Havan – Vedic Fire ritual for your name can be done where a Himalayan yogi will offer prayers to the Lord of Tantra – Shiva, the masculine energy (purusha) and his divine consort Shakti, who is the feminine energy (prakriti). The yogi will pray for the Lord’s blessings upon you. By doing this homam/havan, you will get immense spiritual as well as benefits in the material world such as increased happiness, removal of all obstacles on your path to success, and within 45 days you can see positive happenings in your life.

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